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Dubai Moving Truck Rentals

When and Why You Need Experts to Lift and Move Heavy Items at Home

It is well known that moving services are offered by a wide range of companies to assist homeowners when moving between homes. Another offering by some of these companies, and many individuals, is internal moving, or the service of lifting and moving heavy items within your house. The physically demanding nature of the job means […]

Freezer Trucks Rental Dubai

Freezer Trucks for Frozen Food Delivery

Running a successful restaurant or hotel in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & UAE requires a perfect and responsible Freezer trucks rental service to deliver the fresh and cool food items. Fresh food items are necessary to cook best food in town and it’s not possible without the on-time food items delivery. Hiring a Freezer truck rental […]

Refrigerated Trucks Rental

Refrigerated trucks is an insulated food grade truck with a sophisticated refrigeration system built onto the truck. The refrigerated truck is designed to transport perishable foods or other commodities that require temperature controlled transport. The most common commodities transported via refrigerated food grade trucks are: meat, fish, fruits, vegetables and dairy products. Refrigerated trucks are […]

Chiller Trucks Dubai

Chiller Trucks

Chiller Trucks the commodity that needs to be transported chilled is generally: fruits, vegetables, chilled foods and beverages, cheese and dairy products. These products have to maintain the required temperature to preserve the product until it delivers to the market. These products require sophisticated, expensive monitoring devices to maintain the required temperature, since minute temperature […]

Freezer Trucks

The commodity that needs to be transported frozen mainly consists of meat and seafood, frozen shipments are much more easily transported. Temperature differences may be slightly greater as the commodities needs to be maintained in a frozen state. When you ship through Dubai Trucks, your produce, frozen foods and perishable items will be handled in […]